Boys & Girls Club of Flagstaff

The Arts
These programs are designed to foster creativity in young people, and give them outlets for self-expression. From photography to sewing, our arts programs have something that will inspire everyone.

Sewing Squad

A pilot program with Threaded Together. We created Sewing Squad is free, weekly after-school sewing class for the teens at our local Boys & Girls Club. The program is not just about learning the basics of hand and machine sewing; it’s also about cultivating skills needed to be a confident andcompassionate kid. Threaded Together 5’s P’s: Patience, Persistence, Problem solving, Precision, and

Photography Club

Connects Middle-High School youth from underserved communities to learn photography, environmental
education, and creative expression. Through partnerships with parks, Willow Bend Environmental,
Northern Arizona University and The Museum of Northern Arizona, Club Snapshot members will: work
with professional photographers from the Flagstaff community to teach members skills and knowledge
needed for creative expression and art.
Our program is free to participants and provides important “firsts” such as using high powered cameras,
visiting a national park or wildlife refuge for the first time. It will run for 1 year and have 6 excursions and 6
workshops. Professional photography lessons and field work build skills, promotes creativity and
enhances self-esteem. We would recognize our youth’s work through 1 locally public display/ showcase
and competitions throughout the nation.


Support the Boys & Girls Club of Flagstaff

Boys & Girls Club of Flagstaff depends on generous individual gifts, fundraising events, and foundation support to help us reach thousands of youth each year. The money we raise allows us to keep our services affordable and sometimes even free!