Boys & Girls Club of Flagstaff

Safety in Our Clubs

Culture of Safety

At the Boys & Girls Club of Flagstaff, the safety of your child is our number one priority. Below you will find the protocols in place to ensure a culture of safety within our facility.

Background Checks

All staff and board members are required to undgergo background checks. Volunteers at the Boys & Girls Club of Flagstaff are also required to consent to a background check before working with our members.

Required Immediate Reporting

Our staff and volunteers are mandated reporters. Any safety and critical concerns must immediately be reported to local authorities. Additionally, any critical incidents must be reported to Boys & Girls Club of America.

Safety Training

Staff members at the Boys & Girls Club of Flagstaff undergo constant safety training from the moment they are onboarded. After completing their initial training, they continue to have child safety emphasized in future trainings that may be completed either in person or via webinar.

Mandatory Annual Safety Assessment

The Boys & Girls Club of Flagstaff undergoes an annual safety assessment and are committed to constantly improve the safety of our Club for our members.

Safety Committee

The Boys & Girls Club of Flagstaff Board of Directors has a dedicated Safety Committee that provides Club leaders with input and guidance on safety strategies. 

State and Local Laws

The Boys & Girls Club of Flagstaff complies with federal, state, and local laws including those that impact facilities and vehicles.

Covid-19 Safety Policy

The Boys & Girls Club of Flagstaff is committed to taking every possible measure to keep children, staff, and volunteers protected from the Covid-19 virus.

The Boys & Girls Club of Flagstaff’s Covid-19 Safety Measures Include the Following:
  • All members and staff are required to wear masks at all times when participating in Boys & Girls Club activities
  • Temperature checks twice daily
  • Constant hand washing
  • Sanitation/Disinfectant of all surface areas
  • Implication of air purifiers
  • Check ins/check outs must take place outside the building