Boys & Girls Club of Flagstaff

2020 Youth of the Year

In March, Boys & Girls Club of Flagstaff hosted our annual Club Youth of the Year Celebration in which the winner goes home with a $5000 scholarship and laptop. We would like to thank all of our Corporate Partners & community leaders who took time to join us as Youth of the Year judges this year. Our outstanding Club members worked so hard over the past several months to complete their applications, prepare for their interviews and speeches, and we commend them for their dedication to this process.

Congratulations to all candidates on their success, Lynae, Brandon, Xyrus, LeAndria, and Shianne.

Your 2020 YOY Winner Shianne Archuleta from the Holbrook (Tiisyaakin) Extension. About: Shianne Archuleta is a Senior at Holbrook High School and is from Round Rock, Arizona. She enjoys helping her classmates, making her friends laugh, and spending her time with her family. Her hobbies include shopping, reading books, and playing cards. Shianne has been accepted to Dine College and will attend Fall of 2020. Her plan is to obtain her Certified Nursing Assistant and transfer to Pima Medical Institute to complete her Registered Nursing degree as a Labor and Delivery Nurse. After college she would like to join the Peace Corps helping people all over the world.

Being introduced to the club allowed me not to be afraid to speak my opinion or to share my thoughts. It also allowed me to be open minded about everything and gave me a sense of security.

Shianne Archuleta, Youth of the Year 2020


Sergeant Charles Herenandez (Flagstaff Police Department)

Jamie Whelan (Council Member)

Catherine Esquivel (Community Leader)

Steve Peru (Coconino Community College)