About Us

To inspire and enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to realize their full potential as productive, responsible, and caring citizens.

Local History

Flagstaffs Boys and Girls Club opened July 2012 when the city proposed budget cuts the past few years putting the rec center at risk of closing. With help from City Council member Coral Evans she suggested the city make deep cuts in the budget of the “crown jewel of the city’s recreation division, the Flagstaff Aquaplex.”

In July, the city handed over the keys to the Cogdill Recreation Center to the newly formed Boys and Girls Club of Flagstaff.

Instead of closing a recreation facility inside of the city of Flagstaff and shutting it down because Flagstaff doesn’t have enough money, the City partnered with the Boys and Girls Clubs to actually increase services in a community that desperately needs them.

Elizabeth Anderson, the director of community enrichment services at the city of Flagstaff, said the partnership will be a boom for local children.

“We are very excited to have a Boys and Girls club in Flagstaff. Having previously been involved with the Club I have seen firsthand the positive impact it has on school-age youth in the communities they serve,” Anderson said.

Historically, the city had budgeted $208,424 a year to fund operations at the rec center.

The terms of the $1 a month lease will have the city give the nonprofit $235,000 over the first three years for start-up costs in exchange for the nonprofit to fully staff the facility, offer various programs in five core areas as well as take over the maintenance of the facility.

A second facility, the Flagstaff Recreation Center in the Sunnyside neighborhood, is also funded and run by the city. Its operations will not change.

National History

Boys & Girls Clubs of America had its beginnings in 1860 with several women in Hartford, Connecticut. Believing that boys who roamed the streets should have a positive alternative, they organized the first Club. A cause was born. In 1906, several Boys Clubs decided to affiliate. The Federated Boys Clubs in Boston was formed with 53 member organizations, marking the start of a nationwide movement.

In 1931, the Boys Club Federation of America became Boys Clubs of America.
To recognize the fact that girls have long been a part of our cause, the national organization’s name was officially changed to Boys & Girls Clubs of America in 1990.

Boys & Girls Clubs of America marked its centennial year in 2006, celebrating 100 years of providing hope and opportunity to young people across the country.

Impact 2012

In 2007, Boys & Girls Clubs of America introduced “Impact 2012,” an effort to reach deeper into the lives of those we serve, impacting them in a lasting, comprehensive way. The campaign revolves around three core impact areas: academic success, healthy lifestyles, and good character and citizenship.

Our Board

Our board is essential to our success. The leadership and support provided by these individuals enable us to fulfill our mission each year. The board serves as the governing body for the organization, offering guidance in policy adoption, finance, legal and insurance, building and property, human resources, marketing, operating fundraising, and capital fundraising.
Thank you to members of our local Club advisory boards, who make it possible for our individual branches to thrive.

Club Alumni

Once a Boys & Girls Club kid—always a Boys & Girls Club kid!

If you’re a former Boys & Girls Club member, you’re in good company…Denzel Washington, Howard Schultz, Bill Cosby, Michael Jordan, Brad Pitt, President Clinton, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, and Neil Diamond are among the ranks of Club alumni that credit the Club with helping to shape their lives. We’d love to hear your stories from the Club.

Please contact us at 928.266.0489 or administration@bgcflag.org and let us know you’re a former Club kid.

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